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Why use Card Dugout to buy & sell Topps Bunt, Star Wars Card Trader, Huddle & Kick cards?

You can buy & sell your digital trading cards from Topps Bunt, Star Wars Card Trader, Topps Huddle, Topps Kick, Kitten Cards and now Star Wars Card Collection!

You receive the most value for your digital cards. CardDugout has a flat 5% final value fee. Compare to 10% on eBay.

Also, our credit system allows you to avoid transaction fees for each card you sell!

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The Safest Way to Sell Your Cards

CardDugout is the best and safest way to sell your Bunt, Huddle, Kick and Star Wars Card Trader cards. Every transaction is safe and secure through SSL Security.

Buyers - if the seller does not send your card(s), you will receive your money back.

Sellers - Because of the Credit system, buyers cannot accept a trade and attempt a chargeback.

EBay doesn't support selling digital cards so you're at risk with every sale when you use EBay.

Card Dugout Safety and Security

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